Shakespeare's Pub

There are a lot of watering holes in Austin - this is a college town, after all - and many of them are clustered together on 6th Street, which is sort of party central for the younger crowd here.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a place on 6th Street after hours, as I am no longer considered part of the younger crowd.  In my college years here, I probably spent enough time on 6th Street to hold me forever though, so I guess that’s ok!

This is Shakespeare’s Pub, which has actually been here a rather long time.  I took this shot early on a Sunday morning (that’s a sure sign I am not young anymore - up early on a Sunday! - and for photography?).  But these days I enjoy the morning hours more than the evening ones, which I guess is my way of balancing things out over my lifetime.  Plus early on a Sunday morning usually means no people in my way, so I like that idea!