The Carmel Mission

As I mentioned in a previous post about Carmel, I have a bazillion photos from my trip out West to process and post, so I will continue to scatter them in here and there.  Ok, so the real number is just north of 1,000 but it feels like a bazillion!  This is from my brief but photographically productive trip to the Carmel Mission, in Carmel, CA.  I had a little spare time, and didn’t have a map handy, but knew the Mission was somewhere just south of town.  So, I found the aptly named Mission Street, went south, and bam!  Works every time.  This is just after you enter, as you approach the chapel.  As you can see it was a slightly overcast day, which is ok by me (especially for HDR shots) and was not crowded at all (also ok by me!).  I cruised around, snapped a bunch of shots, and enjoyed the heck out of it.  I always enjoy photographing churches and missions anyway, and this one is particularly fetching, as some would say.