Seattle skyline at blue hour

I just love skyline shots, the only problem is that they are often hard to get!  In this case, this was the view from my room in Seattle, so I got lucky for a change!

I have seen a lot of Seattle skyline shots, but the best spots to take them from were places that I could just not get to on this trip.  But, hopefully I will be back and be able to capture them next time.  This is definitely not the whole skyline of Seattle, as my hotel was situated pretty much in the middle of downtown.  When I checked in and saw the hotel was a high-rise, I asked for a room with a view, and the gentlemen said “I already have you in a room with my favorite view, Mr. Nix”.  Well thank you - I guess membership does have its privileges. :)  All in all, the view was pretty nice.  If you squint and look real close, you can just make out the top of the Space Needle sort of off-center between the two larger buildings on the left.  Thanks for stopping by!