Clouds over La Jolla


La Jolla is a little town situated on a beautiful stretch of Southern California coastline, just north of San Diego.  I was in San Diego on business and after work one day was able to squeeze in a drive up there, hoping for some cool beach or sunset shots.  Lucky me, I got both.  In fact I came home with a whole lot of shots from that trip, but for some reason I have not processed that many of them.  I should correct that!  This was just after I arrived.  The beach there is popular with tourists and sea lions, but luckily no tourists got in my way (I was happy to have the sea lions around).  It was a cloudy afternoon, which gave way to a cloudy sunset, which made me happy.

I am wrapping up a quick trip to Montreal, Canada today and got out last night for some photo time in Old Montreal.  It was great, and it's a beautiful area.  I posted an iPhone shot on my Facebook page, which I often do while traveling.  If you are interested in following me, you can "Like" my page here:

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