Real Country Music


This is totally not the photo I was going to post today, but I was working on this shot last night for the fun of it, and just got so into it that I wanted to get it out there!  I guess it’s my sign addiction rearing it’s ugly head again.  This isn’t a magnificent photo in any sense of the word, but something about it just got to me - so here it is.  I took this while wandering around Broadway Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN.  If there were ever a street dedicated to REAL COUNTRY MUSIC, then Broadway would be it.  It must be heaven for some people.  I’m a rocker myself, but when I get the camera in hand, it’s hard not appreciate all this!

This is a single exposure that I ran through HDR Efex Pro and made it pop a little, then into Color Efex Pro for a Tonal Contrast Filter, and some final adjustments in Aperture around saturation and some selective sharpening.  Good fun messing with shots like this!

Have a great weekend and thanks for all the visits and comments this week, I sincerely appreciate them!