Fresh popcorn in Vail!

Nothing like some warm, fresh popcorn when it’s cold out, right?

I took this HDR shot last December when I was up in Colorado for a business meeting.  I was able to spend a little weekend time shooting around Beaver Creek and Vail, which was my first trip to both locations - and they were great!  They are really lovely little towns, and I’m a big fan of cold weather and mountains anyways, so I had a blast.  I was walking around Vail Village early on a Sunday morning, taking lots of photos and generally just enjoying the heck out of it.  I was making my way to the ski slopes when I saw this little red popcorn wagon/snack shop thing, and thought the red color just popped against the otherwise wintery, dreary, colorless scene  - so I set up and fired off my shots.  Do you see the little icicles hanging on the far end of the red and white striped awning?