Cruising by the London Eye

My initial plan for today’s post was a skyline HDR shot I took during blue hour one morning in Seattle, but I think I’ll wait and post that early next week.  Yeah, early next about something from London?

In honor of a little wedding that occurred earlier today in London, I thought I would post something London-ish.  This is just a quick snap I took while crossing the bridge over the river Thames, during my random walk around that part of London.  I take a lot of random shots like this, just capturing this and that, and no real plan in terms of the image.  There are plenty that I do plan - just to be clear, these aren’t all happy accidents - but there are many that just “happen” in the field.  This is one of those.  And the truth is, I didn’t really plan to do anything with it.  But, I got to messing around with it in Topaz Adjust, and by the time I was done, I had developed a little fondness for this shot.

I have to admit, I acquired the Nik Software suite a few months ago, and have been so taken with it that I nearly forgot about Topaz Adjust, that little jewel of a software program.  So instead of running this thru the Nik Software products, I went straight to Topaz Adjust, simply to see what I have been neglecting.  And you know what, that product is still cool.  I really do like it and should use it more.  You can do some interesting and cool things, or at least they are interesting and cool to me - you might not like this at all.  I used the “painterly Venice” setting, if I remember the name correctly, and had fun with it.  Are you like me - you get stuck in a processing routine that works for you, and you forgot tools you used to employ all the time?  It’s fun to mix it up, hope you like it and congrats to the Prince and Princess over there!