Pike Place Market

Ahhh...Pike Place Market - one of my favorite spots in Seattle!  Have you been?  This place is so cool.  Surely you have heard of the fish-tossing there right?

I had the good fortune of having to go to Seattle at the start of this week for a couple of days.  I really like that town.  It’s got a great feel to it.  The people are cool, the city is beautiful, and you can find a Starbucks on every corner.  Ok, that last part ain’t so special, but it’s very nearly true.  In fact, I went into the very first Starbucks and had a ceremonial cup of hot tea.  It’s cool to go see where it all began.  There’s only one place you can do that, and it’s right next to the Pike Place Market there in downtown Seattle.  This is the main entryway to the Pike Place Market.  It is an iconic symbol of the city and frankly just a dang cool market.  I have been to Seattle several times, and always make time to visit Pike Place.  In fact, I visited 4 times in the short 2 days I was there.  But hey, I have to feed my photo habit, right?  I caught this one early on Monday morning.  In fact, it was just shy of 6:40am according to that large clock up there!  That’s one of my cardinal rules - always shoot tourist spots early in the morning before they get busy - it works every time!