Rocky Point coastline

I got this close to Big Sur - and got denied...what a shame.   BTW, I sure hope you like this type of shot, because I have a ton of them.  I took so many shots along the California coast that it's almost unbelievable.  Almost.

Rocky Point sits along a stretch of coastline just a few miles south of Carmel, CA and it’s beautiful.  I just love it there, though we ended up there by accident.  We were driving south, hoping to get past the Bixby Bridge along Highway 1 and down into Big Sur, when we came to a police car that was sitting across the middle of the road.  It turns out that just past the policeman there was a stretch of road that slid off into the ocean, thereby closing Highway 1 and taking our plans of getting to Big Sur along with it.  The only other way to get south from there was to head back over to the highway and make all sorts of detours, resulting in an extra 2+ hours to get just a few miles.  Nope, not gonna do it - so we turned around.  Thankfully, Rocky Point was right there, so we parked and hiked for a while and I worked on filling up my memory card.  This view is looking south, towards Bixby Bridge and the rest of the Big Sur coastline.  As you can tell, the lighting conditions were not optimal and there was an interesting haze evident in the distance - but it’s still great being out there!