The diner in Union Station

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Photo of the day: The diner in Union Station - Kansas City

I was walking around in Union Station, in downtown Kansas City, and came upon this little diner which appeared to be somewhat abandoned.  It wasn’t in bad shape, but as you can see the seats were displaced and the rest of the place was in a bit of disarray.  It wasn’t a total mess by any stretch, just seemed a little off I guess.  Fortunately, the floors were shiny!  I am not sure if it is currently used, or maybe at the time they were doing some construction, but either way I spent a few minutes and got some pics while I was there.  I loved the floor, and the old photos on the wall show Union Station back when in its glory days.  If you scroll down on the right side of my blog here, you will see a category listing for Kansas City, and if you click thru to that you can see several shots of the wonderful architecture that I captured while I was there in this historic train station.  Thanks for stopping by!