The Carmel Coffee House

How do you start your morning?  Are you a coffee or a tea person?  It seems that folks are either one or the other.  I am a tea person.  English Breakfast, straight up with no sweetener, just pure warm black liquid caffeine.  I love the smell of coffee (and coffee houses) but I do not like the taste, for some reason.

So even on a vacation, when I get up I am ready to grab that cup and get rolling.  When we were out in Carmel, I found myself each morning heading over to The Carmel Coffee House, which in addition to offering a great cup of tea has the added benefit of being tucked into this beautiful and interesting little alley.  Each morning, I would walk down this alley to get my morning fuel, and think “I really need a shot of this place”.  Finally, one morning I got up early enough to arrive there without anyone else around, and despite not having had my cup of tea yet, I had the foresight to bring the Nikon and the tripod.  Ah, what a great way to start the day - hot tea and photography!