Taken at Point Lobos State Reserve, outside of Carmel, CA

We were hiking around Point Lobos and I was busy snapping shots left and right.  At some point, we came upon a bunch of rocks, so naturally I started climbing them to see what lay on the other side.  That’s the right thing to do, yes?  Hehe...well, I got up and over them, and then climbed down the other side, hoping to position myself in a good spot to snap these waves as they came crashing over the rocks...which I did.  What I did not think about though was that the water level was going to rise on me...which it did.  So, I was balanced on the tip of a rock, crouched down and taking shots, when this wave came crashing in.  I got the shot, then watched as the water got higher and higher.  I immediately scrambled for higher ground, not concerned about myself but worrying about my Nikon.  It worked out alright of course, just a near miss in the end.  I ended up doing this little dance several times, as I got shot after shot.  I have quite a few more to share from Point Lobos - it’s a fabulous place for photography.

Here's one more shot from that same spot...lots of water rushing in on me! (this one is SOOC basically)