Door C


After nothing but Madrid and London shots the last few days, I figured I would make a serious departure and post something from a bit closer to home.  So, here's an old door that I came across while wandering around in East Austin.  There is a lot to see and photograph on the east side of this town of mine, and I would like to go back soon.  It should be easy, considering I live here, but finding the time to go shoot in my own backyard isn't really that easy.

As I have written here before, I love taking shots of various doors and entryways.  They are very interesting to me, and sometimes inviting - though not too inviting in this case!  This one drew me in with all the texture and graffiti.  Stuff like that is hard to pass up!  And I just realized that this is my third shot in a row that is vertically oriented (portrait mode) so I guess I need to post something that is in landscape mode soon!