English phone booth

Does this look familiar?  Do you now have “London Calling” by The Clash ringing in your head?

Don’t you just love these red English phone booths?  I do - I think they are way cool.  They just scream London.  I know this shot is a cliche, but I couldn’t help myself and don’t really care.  You just have to get this shot, right?  I wanted to get a shot like this from the moment I knew I was going to London.  I just had to find a way to make it happen.  Truth is, I didn’t really know where to look for them.  Considering the fact that no one uses pay phones anymore, I was sort of worried that these were all gone.  When I got off the tube and walked to my hotel that first night, I did not see any of these.  My only hope was that maybe, just maybe, there were some down by Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, etc.  So when I got out with the camera the next afternoon and headed that way, I was on the lookout for these babies.  And guess what?  As soon as I was within eyesight of Big Ben...BAM!  Red phone booth here, red phone booth there.  I was fired up (yeah, it doesn’t take much, huh?)!  So, I waited for all the tourists to clear out of the way, and fired off my shots....yea!  I got my cliched image after all!

Hey thanks everyone for all the recent visits and comments, I really appreciate it!

I have a bunch more photos from Madrid and London to get to, but I also still have a ton from Carmel, San Francisco, Colorado (Denver, Beaver Creek and Vail), Indy, Kansas City, San Diego, OKC, Nashville, Tampa...and of course Austin.  The list keeps growing.  Plus, I have another little trip coming up, so I hope to grab some more shots on that excursion.  More on that later.  So I think I will get back to my previous habit of mixing it up a bit here on the blog.  It keeps you guessing, and makes it more interesting, right?  You cool with that?  :)  Ok, great, thanks!  Have a great weekend everyone!