A guard at Buckingham Palace

Jolly Olde England! (did I just spell "old" wrong? hehe)

As I mentioned yesterday, I made a rather quick run through London last week after wrapping up my business in Spain.  I believe I spent a total of about 36 hours in London - as I said, it was a quick run.  I have been to London before, and like it quite a bit, but sadly have no pictures from my last visit (it has been a while, and frankly I was not so good with a camera back then anyways).  So, although I had limited time while there, I did squeeze in a couple of hours of photography after work on my last day.  I hopped on the tube from Baker Street and emerged shortly thereafter at the tube stop near Buckingham Palace.  The London Underground is so quick, easy and efficient - I love it.  (BTW, I took several shots of trains while there - I love that kind of stuff!  More on that later.)  Anyways, I headed over to Buckingham Palace in hopes of having a cup of tea with the Royals - but they were busy I guess.  Something about a wedding that’s about to happen.  So, I settled for a few shots of the place, from outside the big fence of course.  I was almost fully zoomed at 180mm on this one.  As it was late in the day, the changing of the guard had already occurred, so I had to settle for a couple of these guys marching about, but mostly they were rock solid like this one.  How hard would it be to stand still like that, for hours on end?  I cannot imagine.  I am so twitchy - like a ferret on a double espresso.  I could never do that job.

Tomorrow - another very recognizable symbol of London.  Please visit again!  Thanks!