Dining in Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is the central town square in Madrid, Spain and is a very historic location, as well as being both a beautiful and interesting place.  It was built going back hundreds of years and is a central gathering place for the city.  It’s beautiful. On the front of the central structure in the plaza, there are large frescoes painted on the facade - it is fabulous, colorful, and wonderful. I have a shot of that coming tomorrow, so please come back!  I had a great time just walking around in the plaza, with my Nikon of course.  It was incredibly crowded (this was a Saturday afternoon) so I did a lot of “street photography”, or what I like to call combat photography - move fast, travel light, and don’t get noticed.

You arrive through these wonderful large arches (like in this photo) that connect to the side streets.  It’s so...well, European.  I just love this kind of stuff.  There are lots of tourists of course, and that brings out artists, and magicians, and people doing all sorts of things for money (and I have a few photos of that stuff too!).   But I never felt like I was going to be pick-pocketed or anything of the sort.  Despite the chaos, it seemed really peaceful.  Then again, I had not slept on the flight over so maybe I was delirious!   I should consider myself lucky that all my shots aren’t blurry!  So I hung out for a while, enjoyed a nice lunch, walked around, took a lot of photos, and just had a fabulous time.  Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for more!