Balconies in Madrid

As you may have noticed from some of my mobile uploads on my Facebook page ( last week, I spent some time in both Madrid and London - and both are great cities.  I was there for work, which has nothing to do with me taking photos, but I was lucky enough in both places to squeeze in a little Nikon time for myself.  You must have Nikon time, right?  (Or Canon, or Sony, or Olympus, etc time)  It was my first visit to Spain, though I have been to London on a couple of previous occasions.  The historic downtown area of Madrid is very interesting.  I was there twice during my stint in Madrid - both times with the camera, of course - and came away with several hundred photos.  Having just recently returned, I have a lot of processing ahead of me, so tune back in for some Madrid shots if that’s your thing!  In fact, this entire week on the blog will be photos just from Madrid and London, so I hope you do return!

One thing that I have always enjoyed when it comes to photography is architecture.  I have always admired (and sometimes studied) the craft (or is art the more appropriate word for it?) and absolutely love it.  I wanted to be an architect at one point in my younger years.  So anyways, I am always taking shots of random architectural elements that I encounter on my photo excursions.  These balconies were on an old building in downtown Madrid and they just caught my eye.  I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for clicking by!