The Store with Beautiful Things

I am a fan of signs and graffiti (though I don't condone defacing property) and snap shots of them whenever I find something that catches my eye.  It's like a side hobby to my side hobby of taking real pictures.  Mixing it up is fun.  I am a landscape guy first and foremost - at least that's what I think of myself as - but in reality I guess I am a travel photographer.  To me, being a travel photographer means taking shots of things that represent a place - that's my excuse for taking pictures of anything and everything that catches my eye.  At this point I am rambling.  So, here's a shot I took in Chinatown recently, while I was in San Francisco.  Chinatown is an area that is ripe with photo opportunities.  There is just so much culture squeezed in the area and I find it really interesting.  It's also fun to shop there!  Anyways, I saw this painted on the side of a wall and just had to capture it.  I love how the name is so simple - and accurate - so what else could you possibly call it?