Nashville skyline

Nashville is a nice town, and it has a lot of similarities to Austin in my opinion.  Both are music cities, have great skylines, sit next to a river and have a "comfy feel" to them.  I was in Nashville last week for 1 night and was able to get out with my trusty Nikon for a little while after hours.  I knew I wanted to get this shot, as I took a similar one about 2 years ago but never posted it.  I walked around their downtown for a bit, taking lots of "street shots" and capturing some of those amazing signs they have outside all their country music places.  Then as sunset got near I made my way up onto the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge which gives you this wonderful view of the town.  I took a lot of shots from up here, at various angles and light conditions.  In other words, I have several more shots of the Nashville skyline to show you one day!  Thanks for stopping by!