The benefits of wandering

I like to wander - wandering is productive.  A bit of distraction is useful.  I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but I think it is a productive use of time.  It frees the mind when you are not focused on something.  I can clear my head, take random shots, and just "be" instead of "do".  When I wander, I am not looking for the "big shot" - I can just enjoy the simple pleasure of taking pictures.  And sometimes when I wander, I find myself downtown on the top of an empty parking garage, expanding my view and taking photos like this one.  They aren't big, impressive or beautiful photos necessarily, but they are still important to me nonetheless.  It is not a dramatic sunset, or the crashing of a big wave on a rocky coast, or an expansive landscape filled with the beauty of nature.  No, it is none of those things.  It is just a simple, weather-worn door atop an empty, deserted garage - and I love it.