Austin Motel

Well, after 8 straight posts all about Carmel (and the area nearby), it's time to take a short break and make sure this doesn't turn into a blog just about Carmel - though I think I have enough photos left for it!  Yes, it is beautiful, and yes, I will post more pics of it (and probably soon!).  I struggled to think of what is the appropriate shot to post next, after all this West Coast stuff, and I never really came up with anything that made sense, one way or another.  Truthfully, I guess it doesn't really matter.  This is mostly a blog about photography, so as long as I am posting a photo I assume you will let me slide, right? :)  So, how about a little shot from Austin, my home?  I still have a bunch of shots from a bunch of places to share - and another big trip just around the corner - but there's no place like home.  Austin is a great town, and it has a lot of character.  Our town motto is "Keep Austin Weird", and we are trying our best to do so.  Come hang out sometime.  You'll love it, even with all the weird stuff here.  As the sign says, it's "so close yet so far out".