The Tuck Box

Ok, so I am a few images into my Carmel theme this week, and I’m having a great time with these shots.  I hope you are enjoying them as much as I enjoyed being there and taking them!  I mentioned yesterday that today’s post would be a fairy-tale sort of thing, so may I present to you: The Tuck Box!  This is one of the many examples of fairy tale type architecture that is found in Carmel, CA.  Isn’t it fun?  To me it totally looks like it belongs in a fairy tale, or somewhere in the English countryside at a minimum.  I keep thinking that Tinker Bell is going to buzz around the corner.  I love seeing things like this, and doubly so through my camera. 

The Tuck Box is a small restaurant and English Tearoom, and it is great!  I had been there on my previous Carmel visits and I knew that if conditions were right that I wanted to shoot it in HDR on this trip.  I got up a little early one morning - especially considering it was a vacation - and since this was just one block from our hotel it was an easy first stop!  Luckily all the other tourists were still asleep, so I had it all to myself.  Later during our trip we had breakfast there, and being a huge fan of English Breakfast tea in the morning, I must say that their tea is excellent!  Be sure and stop by for tea when in Carmel!