Farewell, Carmel

Well, we are back in Austin after our trip out West and suffice it to say that it is with mixed emotions.  It is always nice to return home, but man is it tough to say goodbye to some place like Carmel, CA.  Our trip included two stops in Carmel, separated by a stop in San Francisco (another great place!).  In between we made a quick stop in Palo Alto, which I would like to explore some day, but it was a quick stop and didn't allow for any sights (like Stanford University, which I hope to shoot one day).  We stopped in a coffee shop there in Palo Alto, and I half expected to see Mark Zuckerberg sitting there working on his laptop, making some updates to Facebook!  I was planning to ask him to friend me, or at least to  "Like" my photo page.  :)

Oh yeah - gentle reminder.  If you are on Facebook, please click on the link to the right of this post and "Like" my photo page.  Please?  I promise all I will post is pretty pictures - well, pretty to me at least!

Anyways, so I came home with over 1000 photos and am really looking forward to processing them and posting them.  So I figured, why not start now?  I have not had a chance to go through them all - in fact they are not all even downloaded to my computer yet - but it seemed fitting to start with a sunset in Carmel, since the sun just set on our trip out there.  We are already talking about a return trip.  It's just such a great little town - like a real-life fairy tale English village sort of thing - and it is so relaxing to be there.  Which reminds me, I have some shots that illustrate the fairy tale feel of the place.  Well, I better get to my photos - they await me!  Thanks for stopping by!