Waiting for clearance

   This was shot in Balboa Park in San Diego.  It's a beautiful place.  I parked the car and started walking around, immediately firing off shots left and right.  I came to this sort of hallway which was attached to one of their main buildings, and knew I wanted the shot in HDR.  Well, it was a pretty busy day and every time I started firing off my shots, someone would walk around the corner and into my shot.  I think it took me 3-4 tries to finally get all the shots without any intruders in them!  It's funny because many times in places like this, someone will be about 10 feet away and realize they are in my shot, so they scoot over really close to the wall, as if that gets them out of my view.  Of course I wave them off with a smile since I appreciate their effort, but there are also those folks who see me and walk on slowly, or stand there like they own the place.  I don't smile at them.  (haha) 

In this shot I really like the repetitive pattern of the arches and the ceiling lights, and tried to make those items the focus of the shot.  The HDR process really helps accentuate that, and you can see I bumped up the contrast a little too so as to further give it a little pop.  In HDR Efex Pro I also cranked up the structure a little on the floor, which brings out some of that cool texture.

Thanks for having a look!