Dodging a Denver bus

On one of my trips to Denver, I was out one evening taking some shots and strolling around the 16th Street Mall area.  It was just a short walk from my hotel and gave me plenty to shoot.  I tend to meander when I am out shooting, instead of having a firm plan in mind ahead of time.  I saw this lovely clock tower, which you can sort of make out in the photo, and I was composing a nice shot along the street with the tower in the distance.  I happened to be standing on the edge of the street, setting up and getting ready for the click, when a guy passed near me and said "Bus" in a normal voice.  No inflection, not loud, just "Bus" like he was stating a fact.  Well, he was stating a fact.  The fact was that I was in the way of a bus which was bearing down on me in short order.  I quickly grabbed the tripod and hopped up on the curb, then had the thought to get some light trails.  I hastily re-composed and snapped just as the bus passed where I was standing a few seconds before.  Lucky me, as the bus didn't seem to notice me.  But hey, I got a better shot than the one I was planning.  So, to that guy out there that said "Bus", I say "thank you"!