Snow on the Loop 360 Bridge

Gotcha to look!  Catchy title, huh?  ;)

Ok, I am the first to admit that I am getting ahead of myself.  It isn't snowing in Austin today - yet.  We are expecting up to 3 inches in the area tonight however, which is a rare treat.  I know, folks in lots of other places are sick of snow, but hey we rarely get any so it's kinda fun.  Oddly, this would make it two years in a row that it snows here - this image is from 1 year ago, almost to the day.  Believe me though, we will be just as miserable as you are now when August gets here, just hot instead of cold.  Depending on how tonight goes, I may have another pic or two with snow in it to share soon.  Wouldn't it be weird for me to post more black and white photos??