Above Red River

Red River is a wonderful little mountain town nestled up in the northeast corner of New Mexico.  The base elevation is nearly 9000 feet up, so when you are there you are definitely up in the mountains!  I took this shot from the ski lift as we were approaching the summit, which is somewhere north of 10,000 feet up.  It was obviously summertime, and we took the lift to the top so we could hike around and explore - something I love to do.  You can see a trail in the photo that some folks use to mountain bike or hike down the mountain. We opted to ride back down on the ski lift, but maybe next time if we are feeling energetic!  I enjoy taking the ski lift up to the mountain summit - in Red River or any other place - since it gives you such a wonderful, wide view of the world.  You really do feel like you are above everything else.