My City of Ruins

My City of Ruins from jimnix on Vimeo.

I love Austin.  It’s a great town, through and through.  For a while I have been thinking about a slideshow sort of thing as an homage to this town I love, but I wanted to do something different than just “here’s my favorite shots of Austin” (which I reserve the right to do later!).  Our town motto is “Keep Austin Weird” and there is plenty of weirdness here, which I also love and appreciate.  Diversity is good.  So after some deliberation, I decided to show the lesser seen parts of Austin - graffiti, grit, some urban decay and things of that nature.  Musically, I am a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, and it didn’t take me long to realize I wanted the slideshow to be set to his song “My City of Ruins”.  Now Austin is far from a city of ruins - in fact, quite the opposite with all the new construction and continued urban growth here - but it’s a damn fine song and it just fit.  

I have some others ideas in mind that I may explore as well, so please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on the blog, or sharing with a friend, or “liking” it, or whatever you see fit.

So, here it Austin.  I hope you enjoy viewing this as much as I enjoyed creating it.