St. Joseph Island

Last summer, we went down to Corpus Christi, TX which is along the Texas coast.  We spent a few days there, lounging around the beach and relaxing.  It was nice.  One day we went over to Port Aransas, a small fishing town, and grabbed a boat ride over to St. Joseph Island.  The island is a short ride away, but the beauty of it is that it is uninhabited.  We got a morning boat ride so we could do a little beach combing and spent a few hours there.  We had heard there were sand dollars that washed up on the beach there, so we had to check it out. Guess what?  We found nearly 20 sand dollars!  It was awesome.  We'll probably go back this year.  Anyways, I grabbed this shot just as we arrived.  The sun was already high overhead, so it was obviously not optimal conditions but it sure was a fun visit.