Lake Austin reflections

Here is another shot of Lake Austin, though from a very different spot than my post yesterday.  I caught this HDR from the end of the dock outside of Abel's on the Lake, where I was doing a bunch of shots one fine morning.  You can see we still had all the fall colors around, though that's about all we get.  Compared to my shot yesterday, which was taken under a high, bright sun, this one was taken on a chilly morning and the sun was still just thinking about getting up.  The light is just much better in the morning - it's soft and gentle, if you can apply those labels to light!  Anyways, I was out at the end of the dock, taking pictures of Abel's, and turned around, saw this, and knew I wanted to capture it.

Ok, that makes 4 shots in a row from Austin.  Tomorrow, something from the road!