Memorial reflections

I took this shot at the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which is a wonderful spot and a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives in the bombing of the Federal building there.  It's a great spot for photography, because it has this long shallow pool of water, which can yield some fabulous reflections.  I spent quite a while there, snapping away happily, and eventually the nice clouds you see here turned into an amazing sunset.  

You can find more images from this spot by looking in the "Categories" sidebar on the right, and clicking on "Oklahoma City" - including some sunset shots from this Memorial.  I will be visiting OKC again soon, and hope to explore more of the unique spots this city has to offer!

In case you are wondering, the structures you see under the trees are actually sculptures of chairs, with each one representing someone who died that day.  Each one has a name inscribed on it, and there are even small chairs to represent the children that died that day - very sad actually, but a fitting tribute.