The grimy side of London

Grime is good!  (and so is graffiti)

There is just so much to see and shoot in London - one can never get it all done!  But keep trying because it sure is fun!  For example, here is a secret little spot that you might not find if it weren't for a little help.  I got my help from two friends who live in London - Mike Murphy and John Esslinger.  In addition to being great photographers, they are genuinely nice guys and excellent tour guides for photo spots and pubs :).  We were doing the photowalk thing and had finished up shooting Big Ben at sunset (which was awesome, BTW), when they asked me if I was interested in a little graffiti.  Um...heck ya!  This is only about a 5 minute walk from the London Eye but is sorta tucked away.  Without their help I would not have known about it.  This entire tunnel is graffiti'd from one end to the other - a HDR heaven in London!

I also compiled a list of what I consider the Top Photo Spots in London, which you can read here.  Also check out Mike's and John's shots as they have plenty from this wonderful city by the Thames!

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