Native graffiti

I love graffiti, or "street art" as it is sometimes referred to.  I find it interesting and sometimes inspirational.  Plus, it can be fun.  Obviously I wouldn't want someone splashing paint across a building that I owned, unless I requested it, so I can understand the point of those who think it is a bad thing.  But, since I don't own any buildings, I will keep photographing cool spots that I find.  This one was in Santa Fe, NM.  We were parking the car along Canyon Road, heading to all the galleries, and found this.  I just couldn't resist.  What do you think it represents?  Seems like a message about Native Americans trying to break free of their constraints.

Sadly, on the left side it appears someone has defaced this otherwise beautiful art.  That's the thing with this sort of work - impermanence is a given.  Another good reason to take the shot when it presents itself to you!