Snug Harbor

For starters, I just want to thank everyone that commented on my photo yesterday here on the blog, or on Google+ and for all the shares, etc on Google+ as well.  I really appreciate that so much!

This has been a crazy week, and it included a quick trip out to San Francisco but sadly no time for shooting while out West.  Luckily though, I did get the opportunity to meet with Thomas Hawk and had a great time chatting with him.  He is an insightful and interesting guy, not to mention a great photographer.  More on that later, but I wanted to share the below shot which I posted on Google+ yesterday...taken with my iPhone.  This is Thomas, hanging out with the Bay Bridge in the background.

Ok, on to the photo post for today...

I shot this one while up in Seattle earlier in the year.  We took a weekend and ferried up to the San Juan Islands, which are fabulous by the way.  We spent the weekend in Friday Harbor and at some point that weekend decided we wanted to go on a kayak tour around the coastline.  The tour took us up to Snug Harbor, which is where we launched from, and the beauty of the area is just incredible.  I took so many photos - many from the kayak itself - and have a lot more to share.  So, you will see more of this place!  It's beautiful all the way around!