Ritz-Carlton, Naples

Yes, staying at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel really is pretty awesome.  I had the good fortune of attending a customer event which happened to be hosted at one of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Naples, FL.  Yes, I said one of them.  There are actually two in Naples - isn't that wild?  Anyways, it was hosted at the one on the beach, and I was housed at this one which is a couple of miles away on a beautiful golf course.  No, I never hit the links but I did squeeze in a little photo time around the property.  And I didn't mind being at this one, since it was newer and in my opinion actually a bit nicer.  Anyways, I had a few spare minutes one afternoon, and got out with the camera.  This is a view from behind the property, standing on the edge of the golf course, and looking back at the hotel across the lake, which I am sure is home to many an errant Titleist.  And by the way, be sure and ask the price for the breakfast buffet before you order - it's $25!!