A misty morning fog

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with some family in Marble Falls, TX which is a small town about an hour away from Austin.  It's a nice area and we always enjoy the visits.  On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up to find an interesting fog hanging around, which we never really get in Austin.  So I hopped out the back gate and down to the little creek that runs behind the house.  It's been so dry here that the water wasn't running - rather it was just sitting there.  That actually worked out ok though, as it allowed me to get some nice reflections.  HDR + still water...mmmm good.

For the record, yes the title of this post comes from a Van Morrison song.  Can you guess which one??  We listen to Van's "Hymns to the Silence" every Sunday morning.  Something about it just hits the spot on a Sunday!