Orlando morning

Orlando is a nice town, though I guess most travelers never see it, opting instead to stay on or near the Disney properties and associated theme parks.  Those are fun too by the way.  Anyways, one morning while there I headed out to catch the sunrise, and went into downtown Orlando to a little place called Lake Eola.  It's a decent-sized lake, but I really like the fact that the downtown skyline is there so you can get some killer reflections.

I just want to thank everyone for stopping by this week and also thank those who left comments.  I have been in San Fran all week for work, and the Wi-Fi at the hotel is horribly slow, so it has been incredibly hard to keep up with things.  Despite those online challenges, I will say that I was able to get out a few times with the D700 and new lenses (especially the killer 14-24!!!) and fire off lots of brackets here.  This town just has a lot to aim at!!  Look for new San Francisco shots coming soon!