Sunrise and rails

A couple of weekends back, after I received my new D700 and lenses, I got up early on a Sunday and headed out to test all my new stuff out in the field.  After catching the sunrise over downtown, I headed to this spot which is just a few short blocks away, and is certainly one of the more interesting spots downtown in my opinion.  Here you have a nearly abandoned building, loads of graffiti, train tracks (and sometimes trains) as well as a good view of the Austin skyline.  It's like winning the lottery - so many choices (and many of my favorite subjects)!  The light was still pretty awesome, and I was firing brackets so quickly it would make your head spin!  I'm not kidding either - this D700 and that 14-24 wide angle lens are not just fast, they are lightning fast.  I feel like a whole new world is opened before me, and now I want to go re-shoot everything I ever shot before in Austin!

I am also getting the chance to do some more shooting with my new gear this week, as I will be in San Francisco for most of the week.  I should get a couple of chances to fire off some shots, so wish me luck!