Win a free copy of Topaz Adjust!!

UPDATE: Contest is closed and we have 2 winners: Jake McKee and Scott Wood!  Congrats guys!  I will send your info over to the Topaz folks and you will be all set.  Thanks everyone for participating!!


Ok folks, thanks for stopping by.  If you follow me on Google+, you may have seen that I mentioned yesterday that I was putting together a little contest to give away some free software.  (If you don't follow me on Google+ you can just add me to your circles up there on the top right of this page.)

I am a big fan of Topaz Adjust, and think that the folks at Topaz Labs do a great job with their products.  They are easy to use, fun, interesting and give you some creative effects which can bring an otherwise drab image to life.  I personally use Topaz Adjust all the time, and love it!  It's a great product.

So how about giving away a copy of it?  Or, would it be better to give away 2 copies??  Yep, I am giving away 2 copies!!  Double the chances, double the fun!

If you are not familiar with Topaz Adjust, then time to crawl out from under your rock and check it out!  It's awesome.  Here is their product page: if you would like to read more.

Also, I have done a couple of short tutorials on the blog here regarding how I use the product, and you can find those here:

So, on to the contest!  All you have to do is leave a comment here on this blog post, and you are entered!

One entry per person.  I will select 2 winners randomly from a hat, and post their names when I close this contest which will be next Monday, Oct 31 - Happy Halloween!

The winners will just need to supply an email address, which will be forwarded to Topaz Labs.  They will contact the winners with instructions for the electronic download.

Good luck everyone!!