It's always sunset somewhere

That is true, yes?  I believe it is.  It makes sense to me in a "the world is spinning" sort of way, but being stuck in a single location in a single timezone at any moment makes it sort of hard to mentally grasp.  Anyways, at this very moment, photographers somewhere in the world are taking some fabulous pictures of an amazing sunset.  I wish I was there!  Don't you?

Speaking of sunsets - I think my time on Twitter is "sunsetting" as well.  I have slowly backed out of posting there.  There are some folks who are kind enough to retweet my posts, etc (you know who you are, and thank you very much), but I have never found the site that engaging.  I am sure it is what you make it.  Honestly though, I just prefer to engage on Google+.  It's way better, in that you can see the shots there and the level of engagement seems much higher.  Your thoughts/experience?