Sushi on the slopes

This sushi restaurant was at the base of the mountain in Beaver Creek, CO.  It looked like a great place, but I never made it in.  Truth is, as you can see, the name of the place is Foxnut.  I have no idea what that has to do with sushi, or a restaurant for that matter, but if I found one in my sushi that would be a bad thing!  Ok, that was offsides.  Sorry.  Anyways, I was walking by, snapping this and that, and the contrast of the brightly colored chairs against an otherwise bland scene caught my eye.  I obviously went a little strong on the HDR processing on this one.  Sometimes, I feel that it is warranted in order to accentuate something, and sometimes it's just plain fun!  In this shot I liked the look my processing gave to the chairs, almost like they are about to melt.  Also, it helped bring up some of the detail in the interior of the space.  And yes, that is my reflection in the bottom left window.