Westin's waterfall

Like most everyone, we had a long weekend over New Year's and took a day to head down to San Antonio and hang out at the Westin La Cantera.  It is a wonderful property in my opinion, and doubly so when no one else is there, which is exactly what we experienced.  We literally had the place to ourselves, even scoring an upgrade to the Club Floor, sweet!  Anyways, the trip was not about photography, but like any addicted photog would do, I squeezed in about 30 minutes one morning and took quite a few shots.  They still had the Christmas stuff up, which was actually kind of cool, and again since it was empty I was able to get all the shots I wanted without any annoying tourists in the way.  Wait, am I one of those, just with a camera?

Here's the waterfall in the big pool out back, which was empty for a change as I am usually there in summer and it is swarming.  And yes, I have been down that kiddie slide many times!  Fun!