Inside the failures of the light

I have wanted to go take shots of this old building in Austin for a long time, and a while back some of my Austin friends posted some great shots of it, which got me excited all over again.  This building sits in a prime downtown location, so I have to assume it will not last.  I am sure a condo developer somewhere is working a deal on it, even as I type this.  Allow me to state the obvious: that is a shame.  Anyways, I digress.  I finally made my way down there recently, with NIkon in hand (well, actually on tripod) and had it all to myself.  It was pretty sweet, except for the fact that the city still owns it and I could not find a way inside (and believe me, I tried!).  Can you imagine how awesome this would look on the inside?  Anyways, I ended up snapping quite a few shots from various angles and generally just had a good time there.  I like architecture (not sure this actually counts in that category though!), I like graffiti (did you miss my Ninja Panda shot?  Shame on you.) and I like railroads and trains, so I sorta got a hat trick this time around!