A waterfall in Indy

I spent part of last week in Indianapolis, which I had not been to in ~13 years.  I remembered it being a nice town and was looking forward to getting a little camera time there - and I was not disappointed.  It is a wonderful town and offers a lot of photographic possibilities.  I have only processed a couple of photos from the trip but you will see more of them soon.  This is part of a waterfall that I shot while walking around in White River State Park, which sits basically in downtown Indy.  It’s a cool spot and I took a lot of shots there.  I enjoy shooting waterfalls - or just parts of them like in this photo - as I find the HDR process really enhances their natural beauty.  The long exposures really bring out the silky feel of the water, while the HDR helps accentuate all the cool color, detail and texture in the rock and even behind it.  Enjoy!