Denver Cathedral

The official name of this wonderful church in Denver is Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, but I just call it Denver Cathedral.  I came across it rather by accident while I was on a photo walk there.  I had been at the State Capitol building in downtown Denver, taking shots of all the interesting buildings in the area, when at some point I noticed the two spires atop this structure, rising like a beacon above anything else. Eventually I made my way over there and was surprised and happy to find this beautiful cathedral.  I walked right up to it and then realized I wanted a shot of the front, since it's so lovely, but there wasn't really a good spot to shoot it from, so I just took this shot from across the street.  Obviously I was too close to get the entire facade in the shot, but I think it works.  Besides, you probably don't care to see the homeless man sleeping on the steps do you?  I then proceeded to find a way inside, but was greeted by some stern-looking nuns and a sizable congregation attending a service, so no interior shots this time.  Why do people in places like this look at someone wielding a tripod like they are a criminal?  Oh well, it will remain on my list of places to return to.