The Austonian

The Austonian is a residential skyscraper in downtown Austin, and a cool looking building in my opinion.  At 683 feet tall with 56 floors, the building is the tallest in Austin and the tallest all-residential building in the state of Texas (take that Dallas and Houston heehee).  It also happens to be the tallest all-residential building west of the Mississippi.  Pretty cool for a sleepy little hippie town like Austin.  Guess we're not sleepy or little anymore - but we're still hippie, so that's good.  Despite all the growth that Austin has experienced, we continue to maintain that same old vibe we have had for years - a laid back town, lots of arts and entertainment, great outdoor activities of all sorts, and a tolerance for all types of things from traditional to eclectic (and we have a lot of eclectic!).  Keep Austin Weird is the town motto, and it fits.