Welcome to San Francisco

I just love The Ferry Building in San Francisco.  It’s such a cool place and at night with that big red neon sign all lit up, it’s like a huge welcome sign to the city.  As I have mentioned previously, my hotel is just a short stroll away, so as a result I have a lot of shots of this wonderful structure, which is ok by me.  In many respects it is more fun to take shots of new places and new things when you travel - I certainly have that addiction going on, and always get excited before I am off to the next place - but I make an exception for The Ferry Building when I am in San Fran.  I have taken shots of it from all sorts of angles, and always enjoy looking at them, whether they are post-worthy or not.  And, next time I am in San Francisco, you can bet my memory card will come home with more shots of this place.  And more than likely, they will eventually make their way here.  Hope you don’t mind humoring me.