Denver's Union Station

I have discovered through my travel and photography that train stations are cool.  Ok, so you probably knew that already, but I'm a little slow.  I enjoyed exploring around Union Station in Kansas City, and when I went to Denver I found they also have a Union Station.  In Denver's case, the real beauty in my opinion is the facade. The inside is not very large so I focused my photography efforts (no pun intended) on trying to get some cool shots of that awesome looking red neon sign.  I like vintage signs (something else I have discovered through photography) and thought the "Travel by Train" in red neon was just too cool to pass up.  This is shot from the back side of Union Station.  Though I took some shots out front, there was traffic etc so they weren't as clear as I had hoped.  I went through the station, up onto one of the platforms, and sorta climbed a fence to get this view, which is really just the upper half of the structure.  You can see the top of the railing in the shot running across the bottom of the photo.  The skies were cool that day, as you can see, and I loved the detail and all the architectural elements.