Pink skies over Denver

During my early morning photo walk in downtown Denver, I came across a lot of really interesting buildings to shoot:  the Capitol, the art museum, the Denver Mint - lots of stuff.  The challenge was that I was running out of time and into too much light, so I was booking it to squeeze in all that I could before the sun really got up there and got busy.  In this case, I was shooting the Denver Art Museum, which is a really interesting looking building, and I happened to turn around for a second.  When I did, I saw this scene with this amazing pink color in the sky and just had to capture it.  The building you see there is the central branch of the Denver Public Library, and like a lot of buildings in the area, it has some really great architectural elements.  After getting this shot, I ran back to the Capitol, thinking I could get some nice pink light behind it, but to no avail - the heavenly display was over.  I was thankful I had taken this shot when I did.