The clock tower

This clock tower is atop The Ferry Building in San Francisco, CA.  On my recent trip out there, I found myself photographing it (again) from an adjacent pier.  I really do like this building and have many more shots of it to share.  I also have several slightly different comps of essentially the same shot - the building with water in front and the wonderfully red neon sign on top all a-glow, which reads “Port of San Francisco”.  The only difference between all these other shots is this: zoom in a little, zoom out a little, get more of the skyline in it, get less of the skyline in it, etc.  I am not knocking my shots - I rather like them - but even a building as photogenic as this one gets a little stale when you have shot the same view of it several times.  So, after I took that same shot once again, I decided to try something a little different and zoomed in on the clock, and luckily found I was able to get the “San Francisco” words from the neon sign in the shot too.  I tried it several ways, but thought this version was the best.  Hope you like my attempt at a little creativity in the field!